Leslie McKenna Coastal Retreats

Retreat to Rewire with Leslie in a beautiful, therapeutic coastal retreat for women

Since 1990 I have been working with women to assist them in dismantling old negative self perceptions, healing from body shame, and leaving behind memories from their past that no longer serve them in pursuing a well lived life. As I have worked with women in individual therapy over the years, I have often received feedback from them expressing their desire for a more intense, sustained therapeutic experience, where they can immerse themselves in the work for a sustained number of days to foster more rapid change.

My coastal retreat will provide women with the opportunity to move beyond the confines of traditional weekly psychotherapy to address and remedy issues that hold them back from living with joy, playfulness, peace and well being.

Do you struggle with:

Do you live with financial or material abundance, but wonder why you still feel unhappy? Perhaps my retreat, which will be held in a gorgeous, private coastal setting might enable you to find the answers that have been eluding you. With my many years of clinical experience, my knowledge of brain science and a stunning coastal setting, you may find the missing answers that have eluded you for years.

Enlist the power of Nature and my clinical skills to heal old emotional wounds and to rewire the brain

Women have often rejoiced in the transforming power of nature. During my retreats, we will combine solid clinical experiences which will be based in brain science and the latest research in healing trauma with the powerful, healing properties of the ocean. The week will consist of individual and group work and will incorporate immersion in nature to optimize reflection, the challenging of old negative beliefs and the birth of new ways of living.

My goal is to ensure that women who attend my retreat will leave with practical, well researched skills that they incorporate into their lives immediately to sustain and reinforce the changes they make at the retreat. Women will eat healthy organic meals, explore nature and find healing, joy and positivity in movement through therapeutic dance.

Samplings from the week’s agenda:

  • Learn the basics of brain science to understand your symptoms
  • Learn skills that have been shown to foster neural integration
  • Create a vision for your well lived life as you define it
  • Learn skills to manage negative thoughts and emotions
  • Understand and create healthy boundaries with others
  • Examine the origins of and recovery from body shame
  • Learn communication skills to assertively express yourself
  • Learn to nurture yourself instead of looking for another person, food or shopping to fill the void